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Operation on rubber tires at the Port of LA 2000

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John Smatlak Photos


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A Brief History of PE 1058 


Built in 1913, the 1000-class, or ďTensĒ, were the biggest wooden cars to run on the Pacific Electric, as well as the last wooden cars built for the railway. The Tens were withdrawn from service in the Fall of 1950, coinciding with the closing of the Venice Short Line.  Only cars 1000 and 1001 survived the scrap heap, and both are now at the Orange Empire Railway Museum in Perris, California. Car 1058 was actually created from the damaged remains of a PE 950-class car between February 1962 and November 1963. 


The transformation into the car we now call 1058 was the work of the late Richard Fellows. As the Pacific Electric was ending passenger operations, Richard conceived of operating a group of PE cars for the publicís enjoyment using rubber tires and gasoline engines instead of railroad running gear. The 1058 was to be the first of four such cars. The quality of the workmanship is truly remarkable! Richardís ingenuity and attention to detail even extended to the carís control system; the cab was outfitted almost exactly as it had been in service, only with new functions for the control hardware- the controller became the steering wheel, (turning the controller handle is what turned the wheels!), the deadman pedal became an automotive-type accelerator, and a traditional motormanís brake valve and air gauges were installed to run the air brake system. 


Following its public debut on November 16, 1963, the 1058 appeared in numerous local parades, movie productions and civic events. It was purchased by the Port of Los Angeles in 1999 and transformed again, this time back into an electric trolley! New railroad running gear, propulsion and air brake equipment were installed, allowing 1058 to return to the rails in 2002.



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1963 christening, Richard Fellows at left. Port of LA Collection.

In the Fellows yard on Terminal Island, 1966. 

Orange Empire Railway Museum Collection 

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In the Fellows yard on Terminal Island, 1973. 

Orange Empire Railway Museum Collection

On an excursion in San Pedro, 1973
1058 when purchased.jpg (119117 bytes) 1058 at Red Line Subway opening 2 Terry Guy sm.jpg (132295 bytes) 1058 at Red Line Subway opening 3 Terry Guy sm.jpg (105346 bytes) 1058 at Red Line Subway opening 2 sm.jpg (136666 bytes)
As acquired by Richard Fellows, 1950s. Jim Walker photo At the opening of the Metro Red Line Subway in Downtown, 1993. Terry Guy photos.
1058 Berth 155A Doug Folkerts 2002 1 sm.jpg (168522 bytes) 1058 Berth 155A Doug Folkerts 2002 2 sm.jpg (159621 bytes) 1058 Berth 155A Doug Folkerts 2002 3 sm.jpg (137877 bytes) 1058 testing Aug 2002 b sm.jpg (122804 bytes)
Nearing the end of its conversion back to rail operation, 2002. Doug Folkerts photos. One of the first test trips with the car, 2002




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