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This page presents photos of what I thought were some of the more historically intriguing elements of Berlin’s elaborate 94-mile U-Bahn system. These reflect my interest in early elevated and subway systems and one should not conclude from these pictures that the U-Bahn consists only of elderly stations and infrastructure. On the contrary, it is an efficient and modern system that is one of the most remarkable rapid transit operations I’ve ever used (click here for a 2005 article about the upgrading of the system). Even without any real German language skills I found the system easy to understand and navigate.

For those of us who appreciate transit history, the Berlin U-Bahn system contains some truly remarkable historic stations and line segments, which is what is presented here. Click here for additional information on the system’s history.

UBahn Mendelssohn Bartholdy Park 1 sm.jpg (119648 bytes) UBahn Mendelssohn Bartholdy Park 2 sm.jpg (105970 bytes) UBahn BulowStrabe 1 sm.jpg (114148 bytes) UBahn BulowStrabe 2 sm.jpg (136782 bytes)
– Batholdy Park
station, views from the platforms
Bahnhof_Bülowstraße_Berlin_1902 sm.jpg (138044 bytes) UBahn BulowStrabe 15 sm.jpg (91820 bytes) 22hoch7.jpg (73475 bytes) UBahn BulowStrabe 8 sm.jpg (92458 bytes)
1902 2010-
although a good deal of the original ornamentation is gone, this
elegant station remains intact.
1900s postcard view
truly remarkable piece of transit architecture.
UBahn BulowStrabe 4 sm.jpg (102426 bytes)   UBahn BulowStrabe 7 sm.jpg (102852 bytes) UBahn BulowStrabe 3 sm.jpg (117245 bytes)   UBahn BulowStrabe 10 sm.jpg (128959 bytes)
UBahn BulowStrabe 6 sm.jpg (83544 bytes) UBahn BulowStrabe 14 sm.jpg (75390 bytes) UBahn BulowStrabe 12 sm.jpg (113240 bytes) UBahn BulowStrabe 9 sm.jpg (116555 bytes)
UBahn BulowStrabe 16 sm.jpg (138175 bytes) UBahn BulowStrabe 17 sm.jpg (109157 bytes) UBahn BulowStrabe 13 sm.jpg (126618 bytes) UBahn BulowStrabe 18 sm.jpg (98941 bytes)
angled support columns give the elevated structure a unique
appearance along this section of line
IMG03483.jpg (145694 bytes) IMG03485.jpg (108984 bytes) IMG03484.jpg (139271 bytes) IMG03486.jpg (114223 bytes)
the time the city was divided, use of this line segment was abandoned.
The Bullowstrabe station became a Turkish bazaar with shops housed
in cast off U-Bahn carbodies. The station was restored and
reopened in 1993. For a time, a heritage tramway operation used
the tracks near the station. Four photos: Jim Schantz.
22hoch9.jpg (93254 bytes) UBahn NolendorfPlatz 5 sm.jpg (165151 bytes) UBahn NolendorfPlatz 4 sm.jpg (153854 bytes) UBahn NolendorfPlatz 3 sm.jpg (105581 bytes)
1900s postcard view

U2 line descends into the subway just beyond the station

towards the Bullowstrabe station

Detail of
the angled support columns

UBahn NolendorfPlatz 6 sm.jpg (194720 bytes) UBahn NolendorfPlatz 1 sm.jpg (147491 bytes)
of the wrought-iron fencing protecting the tracks
interesting fountain from the station’s earlier days.
22hoch10.jpg (86210 bytes) UBahn WittenbergPlatz 7 sm.jpg (93816 bytes) 22hoch11.jpg (102022 bytes) UBahn WittenbergPlatz 6 sm.jpg (151698 bytes)
1900s postcard view
station today, beautifully restored
1900s postcard view
restored interior
UBahn WittenbergPlatz 1 sm.jpg (124500 bytes) UBahn WittenbergPlatz 11 sm.jpg (98298 bytes) UBahn WittenbergPlatz 12 sm.jpg (96445 bytes) UBahn WittenbergPlatz 16 sm.jpg (130171 bytes)
Warschauer Straße – Schiesisches Tor
UBahn Warschauer Strabe 1 sm.jpg (125349 bytes) UBahn Warschauer Strabe 2 sm.jpg (129074 bytes) UBahn Warschauer Strabe 3 sm.jpg (142724 bytes) UBahn Warschauer Strabe 4 sm.jpg (113899 bytes)
1902 Warschauerstabe terminus station and shop complex
UBahn Warschauer Strabe 5 sm.jpg (142757 bytes) UBahn Warschauer Strabe 6 sm.jpg (85813 bytes) UBahn Warschauer Strabe7 sm.jpg (123517 bytes) UBahn Warschauer Strabe 9 sm.jpg (129465 bytes)
22hoch3.jpg (70171 bytes) UBahn Oberbaum-brucke 3 sm.jpg (108042 bytes) UBahn Oberbaum-brucke 4 sm.jpg (102591 bytes) UBahn Oberbaum-brucke 1 sm.jpg (107969 bytes)
1900s postcard view
landmark Oberbaum bridge was closed during the time the city was
divided. It once again carries trains of the U1 line
Schiesisches Tor 1 sm.jpg (139104 bytes) Schiesisches Tor 2 sm.jpg (139407 bytes) Schiesisches Tor 3 sm.jpg (121492 bytes) Schiesisches Tor 4 sm.jpg (138693 bytes)
structure around the Schiesisches Tor station
UBahn Gleisdrieck 13 sm.jpg (112578 bytes) UBahn Gleisdrieck 10 sm.jpg (109462 bytes) UBahn Gleisdrieck 3 sm.jpg (167298 bytes) UBahn Gleisdrieck 2 sm.jpg (149378 bytes)
(German for “track triangle”) is a crossing station with
line U2 below and U1 crossing above. Note the “winged
wheel” on top of the building in the photo at left.
elevated structure in the vicinity of this station is very ornate.
UBahn Gleisdrieck 5 sm.jpg (108840 bytes) UBahn Gleisdrieck 6 sm.jpg (139292 bytes) UBahn Gleisdrieck 7 sm.jpg (153211 bytes) UBahn Gleisdrieck 8 sm.jpg (166174 bytes)
of one of the cast column footings
UBahn Gleisdrieck 9 sm.jpg (142517 bytes) UBahn Gleisdrieck 1 sm.jpg (114988 bytes) UBahn Gleisdrieck 11 sm.jpg (111008 bytes) UBahn Gleisdrieck 4 sm.jpg (149885 bytes)
UBahn HeidelbergerPlatz 1 sm.jpg (97457 bytes) UBahn HeidelbergerPlatz 3 sm.jpg (105380 bytes) UBahn HeidelbergerPlatz 2 sm.JPG (342015 bytes) UBahn HeidelbergerPlatz 9 sm.JPG (69610 bytes)
exceptionally ornate Heidelbergerplatz station
of one of the decorative elements. Note the winged railroad wheel
with lightning bolts
UBahn HeidelbergerPlatz 5 sm.jpg (86408 bytes) UBahn HeidelbergerPlatz 6 sm.jpg (111017 bytes) UBahn HeidelbergerPlatz 7 sm.jpg (97092 bytes) UBahn HeidelbergerPlatz 8 sm.jpg (96229 bytes)
UBahn HohlenzollernPlatz 3 sm.jpg (156747 bytes) UBahn HohlenzollernPlatz 4 sm.jpg (117694 bytes) UBahn HohlenzollernPlatz 7 sm.jpg (130085 bytes) UBahn HohlenzollernPlatz 11 sm.jpg (104800 bytes)
of the underground stations were fitted with beautiful
wrought-iron gates
UBahn HohlenzollernPlatz 5 sm.jpg (117475 bytes) UBahn newspaper salesman sm.jpg (85374 bytes)
Berliners bring their pets onboard transit. This one was helping
his owner sell newspapers.